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Join us for a Virtual Screening of the Documentary BEYOND ZERO - Wednesday, August 18, 7pm.

As part of your ticket to the CHRYSALIS AWARDS, please join us on Wednesday, August 18th at 7pm for a virtual screening of the documentary Beyond Zero. You are welcome to watch from the comfort of home, or to gather safely with friends and family. No additional ticket purchase needed.

Check out the trailer of the inspirational film about Interface's founder, Ray Anderson, below!!


“Beyond Zero is a fascinating story, not only about inspirational and visionary founder Ray Anderson, but the struggles and determination of a company trying to become a positive force in the world. The film delivers a message that needs to be told: In the end it indeed boils down to people, and business can be more successful and resilient, simply by doing the right thing.”

Paul Polman Former CEO, Unilever & Board Member, United Nations Global Compact

“An inspiring and practical wake-up call to what’s possible… Required viewing for every CEO, Entrepreneur and MBA student in America.”


To read about the work Ray C. Anderson inspired and Interface's current sustainability journey, please see the New York Times article Has the Carbontech Revolution Begun?

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