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Top Five Reasons to join us for the CHRYSALIS AWARDS

The CHRYSALIS AWARDS are right around the corner! We can't wait to (virtually) gather with you on Thursday, August 13, to showcase inspiring sustainable building projects within our community.

We've compiled a list of reasons to get you equally excited about the event!!

5. We are thrilled to award the new people and projects in Georgia that have earned a

CHRYSALIS AWARD! We will also honor the winners from previous years for their

phenomenal contributions. You will have the opportunity to learn about all of the

innovative new projects and check in on the progress of those you’ve invested in to

support our community!

4. After the official award ceremony, you will have the option to enter breakout rooms to

meet and chat with the winners of this year's award. Our winners can't wait to share

their projects with you in greater detail!

3. You'll be a part of the greenest award ceremony USGBC Georgia has ever hosted!No

carbon offset needed. The virtual world does have it's advantages...

2. Listen to the amazing Bonnie Casamassima, Principal of Interweave People Place,

who will deliver keynote remarks during the award ceremony, inspiring us with her

Biophilic practices and advising us on how to more deeply connect with our

surrounding environment.

1. Your presence at the CHRYSALIS AWARDS demonstrates your support for USGBC

Georgia's mission, and enables us to make healthy, sustainable buildings a reality for

the people of Georgia.

See you in two weeks!

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